Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The images of this video says it all

Red Dog Porn Show with Samantha, In this video we see how people go crazy Watchers, the truth that had a great time, thank you all.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Show in Broadway Benidorm

We are every day on Broadway and Red Dog

Hello friends I have some photos of Samantha, and my live show porn

Show porno, Daniela, made last year, in Red Dog

More than seven years in the porn

More than seven years in the porn, I started making movies, and one year I decided to do porn live show is the hardest in porn, you develop a concentration increhible not to fail when the show.
my record is nine shows in one night and I was making five show long day, now I show 2 to four newspapers, the financial crisis also affects the porn.
I have worked with many girls including many famous porn stars, but now I have a few months working with Samantha Pink, which is very good in the show, it's pretty, has a beautiful body, and fucks well.

Hello Friends

Welcome to my new blog, I share with you information, photos, videos and news from my show porn